Imitation piece of an excerpt from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

          Tossing and turning while trying to fall asleep she heard a sweet voice coming from the other side of the hallway. Her mother was speaking fast to her dad. Their footsteps going up and down the main hallway. They turned a light on. The dim light came into Kristin's room through the crack of her bedroom door.

          Mr. And Mrs. Anderson now lowering their voices moved into another room.  Which one? Back to their room to sleep? The baby's nursery? She saw the now bright light. Was it true what they said about mothers? They say when mothers are expectant they glow. And when the child is ready to come to the world the Holy Spirit will fill the mother with its light to make it more pleasant and peaceful. A feeling of excitement flowed along Kristin's body. She looked now at the bright light that came through the crack of her bedroom door, and listened to her mom speak with grace. She  saw the light that illuminated the world. God and the Holy Spirit spoke about creation.  It was long ago. The world was quiet. The world was empty. There were animals of all kinds but it was still empty. A divine beautiful figure flew across the lands and decided to create life, with a soul. Two souls materialized and walked across the lands. The animals looked at them and saw that they were their masters, in charge of bringing more lives to their land. God had chosen the Virgin Mary to bring his child to the world.  A great man and god was Jesus, but he brought great pain to his mother at the end of his life. She suffered as she watched him suffer. And that is why ever since, Father, Son and Holy Spirit came together to create peace in every expectant mother.  They glow with the joy that bearing a child brings. No more suffering to the world. Jesus made sure of that.

          O how warm and satisfying it was to think of that! All the brightness was warm and exciting. The Holy Spirit would give the privileged of carrying a child in the womb to those women that were in a happy marriage. Mr. And Mrs. Anderson were very happy in their marriage, so she is expectant. Mrs. Anderson needed some answers. If this is the time for Kristin's brother to come to the world what would the Holy Spirit wish to say to them?


          Having a new born baby at home! That would be lovely: her parents had told her.  Getting up in the morning to find a baby in the room next to hers. Cars rolling on the driveway. Cheers to the new baby! Cheers for Kristin! Cheers for Mr. And Mrs. Anderson!

          Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!

          The cars drove by the house and excitement filled the air. Family and friends walked along the side walk and into the house. All would come bearing gifts, not only for the new born baby but also for the now big sister. The family cheered. They were all so happy with the news. The friends cheered. Cheer after cheer after cheer. The house would always be full. Visitor coming and going, cheering and cheered. The women and other mothers would all gather around the child and his mother, admiring this new born beauty and the sense of peace and joy that he brought to the house. The men and other fathers would gather around Mr. Anderson. They all drank and smoked a cigar, while occasionally patting the father in the back as a congratulation. Kristin would not be jealous, she would be proud. All of the children would be jealous of her for being the big sister of the greatest new born boy in town. The lovely smell there was in the spring time air: the smell of fresh flowers: sun and spring time air and baby food and mother's perfume.

          The house was full of neighbors: a long long dear and charming line with friendly faces. Family went to and fro unlocking, locking, opening, closing, cabinets in the house kitchen. They ate, drank and laughed. There was a big brown and black record player in the living room; there was a big black record in it that made music come from it: tralalala, la: tralalala, la.

          And the house was full of people from our neighborhood, and neighborhoods far away. The telephone rang, rang. People called to congratulate. People came and went. The new born baby new. They were all here to see him and celebrate him. He was white as snow, rosy cheeks, soft and small. There were white, soft and small flowers all around the house for her and for the new born baby.


          All the family and friends. Welcome home! Sounds of welcome. Her father and mother kissed everyone. Was that right? Kristin was an older sister now: better than being an only child. Welcome home, everyone!


          There was a sound of chatter that filled the living room, laughter followed along.  There was a sound of water splashing in the sink as some guests helped to clean what they used: a noise of clapping of hands as the family in friends cheered for the family. A bright light came through the living room window and shone Mrs. Anderson and the new born baby. The grace of God made Kristin's mom glow. It made her feel warm and happy, a smile came across her face.

          She left the group of other children and walked over to her mom. The light now shone on her too. She embraced it. It was a blissful experience.  She felt warm and safe. The light was warm and welcoming.

          Mrs. Anderson said:

          -Are you happy?

          She was too happy to speak; and Mrs. Anderson said:

          -You're to happy to speak aren't you. I will tell your father to come for a family picture.

          Mr. Anderson came and embraced his family while a picture of them was taken. She felt warm and safe.